Small appliances industry growth is definitive

Raw material price

In terms of raw material prices, the average price of copper in the previous week rose by 0.77% month-on-month, and Changjiang Metals spot copper prices closed at 37530 yuan/ton. Aluminum prices closed at 11,590 yuan/ton, up by 1.54% from the previous month; the plastic price index rose by 2.04% compared to the previous period.

Market performance review

Last week, the household appliances industry index rose by 1.79%. In the same period, the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 rose 0.82%. The industry outperformed the market by 0.98 percentage points, ranking 16th in the 28 million SWS. Among the individual stocks, Fenda Technology, Shunwei and Kangsheng had the highest gains. From the valuation point of view, as of March 25, Bohai home appliance sector total method TTM P/E ratio is 17.17 times, CSI 300 P/E ratio is 11.85 times, and valuation premium rate is 44.89%, up 1.66 percentage points from the previous week.

Investment Strategy

The recent annual report has started to disclose in an in-depth manner. From the standpoint of growth, the performance of the small home appliance industry has grown rapidly and there is still room for further improvement in the future. With the infiltration of the three major e-commerce platforms represented by Ali, Jingdong and Suning to the township market, the e-commerce battlefield is gradually shifting to the rural market. The increase in the convenience of obtaining goods is expected to activate rural demand for branded small household appliances. Maintain the overall "neutral" investment rating of the appliance industry.

Individual stocks are advised to focus on Nine Yang shares, Little Swan A, Supor, Aishida and Xinbao shares.

Step Motor

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