Sony Authorizes Four PSVR Accessories to Help You PSVR Life Experience

PSVR will be on the market soon, precisely on October 13. Large retailers such as Amazon, eBay and GameStop have begun to add some accessories to their inventory to ensure that you can continue to charge forwards and prepare VR preachers for grain and ammunition.

The US PSVR order has long since been sold out. The GameStop supervisor stated that the PSVR is "the fastest glorified device in GameStop history" and that the goods have been sold out within five minutes. Therefore, there should be a considerable consumer base in the accessories market.

Amazon and GameStop appear to be retailers that currently have all officially licensed accessories, exactly two shelves with built-in joystick controller chargers (see below) and two seemingly rugged carrying cases.

Note: The time for different retailers to open PSVR accessories is not the same. Amazon will develop pre-orders of all accessories in late October, while other retailers may open the pre-orders earlier.

This PowerA peripheral makes it easy for users to place equipment and use it at any time. The display rack includes a charging tray for two Move controllers and a Dualshock4 handle. As you can see from the image below, there are places for heads-up display and headphone devices, but this seemingly elegant display has a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Collective Minds peripherals are even cheaper and sell for $34.99. The display rack includes charging space for two Move controllers and two Dualshock 4 handles, and an additional USB port for rechargeable headphones.

It's not fun to look at VR headpieces that aren't beautiful, so if you plan to show them to friends for display and ensure safety on the road, Sony also provides a reliable solution for everyone.

RDS Industries has produced a rugged carrying case. The main compartment is for placing PSVR heads and HDMI/USB cables, and the second compartment is for placing junction boxes and AC adapters. It is not yet clear whether the interior of the product is plastic injection molded or high density foam is used. However, we absolutely hope that the product with a price of $59.99 will use a bubble.

PowerA provides a more streamlined portable package that seems to skip the full PSVR core bundle except for the first display. The product description refers to an internal mesh bag design, which is used to place additional items. But the overall size of the carrying case means that you can't put much more than cables and one or two games. Suggested retail price: $39.99.

Considering that HTC Vive does not have many accessories, and Oculus Rift is basically not available, allowing players to purchase useful accessories is a very significant first step for the head manufacturers. Although we are still looking forward to the emergence of a perfect travel bag, let us put all the equipment together, but before that Xiaobian feel that these accessories should be able to solve the problem.

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