Unreal Engine Developers: Mobile VR is the Way Forward

The Unreal Engine, like the Unity Engine, becomes the current two major VR engines. A lot of VR content was developed by these two platforms. And Tim Sweeney, the co-founder of Epic Game, the developer of the illusion, said that mobile VR is the final trend.

Tim said that in the future there will be "one billion users of hardware in mobile form," but he also admits it takes "ten years."

His reason is that the rapid development of mobile devices: "When people in the pocket of the device has 20 trillion floating-point performance per second (Note: device processing performance, the current mainstream game consoles such as the PS4 Pro has 4.3 trillion per second When Microsoft's Scorpio claims to have 6 trillion per second), what will the mobile VR evolve into? With a pair of sports glasses on the head, you can see computer images that are seamlessly connected to the real world and get What is the feeling of being completely immersed and what it will be like? It's all in the long term."

He believes that "this time will be 10 to 12 years," because the processing speed of mobile hardware is getting faster, so "this day will come" and he also said that the "processing bandwidth" of human eyes is limited ( Note: People cannot distinguish more than 60fps, which means that "the development of computing power to a certain extent is enough."

In the end he emphasized: "Desktop computers have reached this point today, and mobile will be reached in the future. I think mobile will be the solution."

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