Why does television need to change in eight years?

We have heard about the shelf life of fresh food, but it seems that TV has a shelf life. So why does television have a shelf life? Because television accessories also have a lifetime. The service life of televisions, especially CRT TVs, is generally 8-10 years. After the design life is exceeded, the security risks of TVs will increase significantly. Especially those televisions that are used for a long time and are not maintained are prone to accidents such as spontaneous combustion or explosion. At the same time, over-age service TVs will have poor image clarity due to the aging of their components, causing problems such as frame shake and even damage to people's eyesight and radiation pollution.

The life of flat-panel TVs that have been popular in recent years is relatively longer. Most models can reach 50,000 hours of use, and some models can even reach a service life of 100,000 hours. However, some models, such as LCD TVs, may have a problem that the brightness of the LCD TVs will begin to drop after a few years of use. Although they can still work normally, their performance is not as good as before.

Therefore, we need to replace a TV if conditions allow it to be used between 8 and 10 years. In addition, in daily use, we should avoid frequent switching on and off, to prevent the power supply from generating faults; the brightness of the screen should not be adjusted to the maximum for a long time to prevent the lamp tube from being burned; it is best to use a dust cover to cover the heat when not in use. Holes prevent dust from collecting on the circuit board for long periods of time causing malfunction.

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LC1-F AC Contactor

LC1-F AC Contactor(Our own model is BC1-F series AC Contactor) ,it is used in rated voltage 380V AC 50Hz/60Hz,allocated special with coil,which can be used in ciruit of 40-400Hz,the control coil voltage(AC coil operation) can up to 660V,rated current up to 800A electric circuits.

LC1-F AC Contactor is mainy used for remoting making&breaking circuits,also for frequency staring or controlling motor,protect circuit from over-load when assembling with thermal over-load relay.It can unify the general electrical equipment,motor and circuit,the auxiliary contact group,Air time-delay head,Mechanical interlock contactor and star-triangle starter.


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