How can humans go to Mars tourism? Can rely on "frozen sleep"

Everyone in Tencent has longed for a space travel, but deep space travel will take years to reach distant destinations. This type of travel is obviously not widely available. A recent company called SpaceWorks is trying to solve this problem. The company was funded by the NASA Innovation Pioneer Concept Project and its goal was to achieve a "relatively short" journey of 55 million company Mars.

Although Mars travels shorter distances than other interplanetary travels, it still takes several months. In SpaceWorks' vision, three to four interplanetary passengers will be fixed in a closet-sized space. After a short stay at Mars, passengers will have to climb back into this narrow little space. The cosmic voyage is boring and passengers can only endure silently for months.

Ordinary Mars travel requires an astonishing amount of resources: NASA expects that the astronaut residing module will require a volume of 380 cubic meters. The entire module weighs 28,000 kilograms, and six astronauts need to prepare 13,000 kilograms of food on the circuit. If SpaceWorks' design scheme is adopted, passengers are in a stagnant state, and the space and food needed are relatively small, which will reduce the overall weight of the residential module by 14,000 kg. In this way, only a small thrust engine is needed to sail, and at the same time, fuel consumption is reduced.

During this Mars journey, passengers will be in a "low-active, low-metabolic state," which is very close to "freezing sleep" in science fiction. Although humans do not enter the natural hibernation state, people can maintain a state of hibernation for several days. Medically, this is called "cryogenic therapy." After some traumatic treatments, the hospital will keep the patient's temperature at a very low temperature for several days, allowing the body to concentrate all its energy on healing the wound. .

In SpaceWorks' cosmic travel program, passengers will receive nutrients through veins to obtain energy, but this approach has proven to be unsuitable for long-term use. In addition to this, there are many places in the universe that need to be improved. However, its appearance indicates that the real interplanetary voyages are getting closer to us.

Source: Digital Trends

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