# The original innovator # to add a new year to the prosperous, seven generations of Core installed show


Registered for so long, finally wrote the Virgin stickers. Recently saw the release of seven generations of Core Duo, I feel pretty good, so I intend to save a machine, instead of the existing machine, used to be a milk machine, before the loom lost to the daughter-in-law play watch it.

Immediately after the Chinese New Year, plus the next year is the year of the natal, the installed capacity must be red, red, so this time the theme of the installation is red light pollution.

Processor: Intel i7 7700K

Motherboard: Biostar Z270 GT6

Video Card: Sapphire RX 480 Ultra Platinum 8G OC

Memory: Corsair Avenger 8G DDR4 *2

Hard Disk: Biostar G300 serial

Chassis: Great Wall M-12HW gaming chassis

Power Supply: Great Wall GAMING G5 Full Module Power Supply

Other: Red Fan *5

Great Wall (GreatWall) mirror M-12H gaming gaming chassis enhanced version of the black (water-cooled / full side through / independent power supply warehouse / magnetic dust) 209 yuan set up an exclusive light pollution effect is very good. Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

Intel Core quad-core I7-7700k boxed CPU processor 2799 yuan Jingdong direct link

Sapphire RX480 8G D5 Ultra Platinum OC 1266-1342MHz/8000MHz 8GB/256bit GDDR5 DX12 VR Independent Gaming Graphics 1999 RMB RX480 Ultra-Platinum OC design style is relatively conservative, with dual fan + three heat pipe air-cooled radiator, and the use of backplane Reinforcement, design has always been low-key. AMD Radeon RX480 is based on 14nm FinFet process technology, including 2304 stream processors, 36 CU units; 4GB/8GB GDRR5 memory, 256BIT bit width can promote 256GB/S total bandwidth, only 15 Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

Biostar Z270GT6 motherboard (gift Biostar original G300 240G SSD) (Intel Z270/ LGA 1151) 1499 yuan Jingdong direct link

USCORSAIR Avenger LPX DDR4 2400 16GB (8Gx2) Desktop Memory 899 yuan Jingdong direct link

Great Wall is rated 550W G5 full module game power supply (80PLUS bronze / 12V high current / DC-DC / three-chip precision control / active PFC) 369 yuan Jingdong direct link

The fan is sent by the chassis, not on the link


This time because of the need to play red light pollution, so I bought a fully-walled Great Wall M-12HW gaming chassis. The feeling that this chassis gave me is that it is inexpensive, and the details are worthy of this price.

The front side of the chassis.

Rear side.

Fan fan network and power supply air filter.

Mats have also been fitted with plastic mats, details of which have been taken into consideration.

The Great Wall M-12HW uses a separate heat sink and is designed for independent power supply.

In front there is a real hole into the wind, which is conducive to heat dissipation.

Motherboard chose Biostar's Z270GT6. I think this board has good materials and the price is acceptable. Plus, this Z270GT6 sends a Biostar SSD without buying another SSD. Overall, the price is good. In fact, this board is to support the light control system, you can customize the motherboard, the color of the external fan, I did not buy the corresponding fan, so first use an ordinary fan.

9-phase power supply, black gold capacitor.

Power supply cooling comes with lighting effects, coupled with the own software, you can color.

Audio independent partition, split line comes with lighting effects

M.2 SSD protection armor.

The video card is the sapphire RX 480 ultra-platinum 8G OC, to be honest, has been using A card, always feel A card cost-effective.

Radiator nickel plated rust.

Back plate.

A key to open the core and adjust the light of faith button.

Belief lamp.

Power is the Great Wall GAMING G5 gaming power supply, full module design, through the certification of the bronze, single 12V output, can output 528W, with me this set of equipment is completely enough.

Three year warranty card.

Flat module line.

12CM diameter fan with intelligent control.

Full module interface

Power nameplate, single output up to 528W. Pass RoHS certification, prevent smog, start from the PC

SSD is sent by the motherboard, 240GB, even if you buy a single estimate of 600, with the motherboard to buy, the price is relatively high.

Black appearance

SATA 3 interface.

In fact, I will not be able to walk the line, but the support of the chassis and the power supply is not bad. I can be satisfied with this effect.

The lights on the motherboard and video card are a little abrupt, and they need to be switched on.

Both the motherboard and the graphics card come with adjustment software, both of which are always bright red.

Cover the effect after the side cover.

Don't feel bright enough, or add a light bar. The fan is also mounted to the front. Or do you really waste the light transmission in front of the chassis.

Finished product effect.


Above the chassis.

Video card belief light.

Motherboard audio partition lights.

Small test. Benchmarks.

Game testing.

Tomb Raider 10, the highest test, 68.2 frames under the DX11, 76.90 frames under the DX12.

The Wizard 3 defaults to a high effect for a minimum of 55 frames in 2 minutes, a maximum of 69 frames, and an average of 59 frames. It is good to play with high effects. Look at the smoke and be realistic.

Dark Souls 3 must open to 2K resolution to see the performance limit. The highest effect is to run a minimum of 45 frames in 2 minutes and a maximum of 60 frames with an average of 51 frames.


This one is for the high frequency of 7700K, and the second is to create a little atmosphere of New Year.

Back to the camera, the overall effect is not bad, the whole set of red pollution is very dazzling, plus the small lights of the motherboard and graphics, more personality, of course, and then personality, but also need a full side of the chassis, the Great Wall M- 12HW I feel very satisfied with this price, especially the details of the treatment, more carefully.

Finally there is a problem, not considered too thin, no fan switch, sometimes too bright at night to hang up