Pseudo-4K After PSVR Explosion Does Not Support HDR Transmission

PS4 Pro is also considered to be unable to be compatible with PS VR due to its HDR function while being sprayed with a pseudo 4K. HDR transmits better images by increasing the amplitude of the colors that a television can produce. This feature may be the most proud of PS4 Pro developers. But what makes people wonder is that on many public occasions, PS4 Pro does not publicize this feature. The user who has been caught by the pseudo 4K does not release.

Unfortunately, the use of PSVR and HDR does not work well. The reason is that the HDMI transmission of the PS VR terminal box does not have enough bandwidth to satisfy the HDR characteristics and transmit the corresponding VR information.

A player pointed out this problem on the PS VR Euro FAQ: "The PU supports video transmission, so when you connect the PS4 to the TV through the PU you can enjoy regular non-VR content on the TV, and the PU is connected via the AC adapter. Power supply, PS VR did not work.This transmission supports regular 1080p signals and also supports 2160p (UHD or 4K) information from PlayStation Pro with color format of YUV 420."

“However, HDR signals do not support transmission over PUs. No signal of either 1080p or 2160p is possible. If you have a HDR-equipped TV and want to watch PS4 content via HDR, it is necessary to have the PS4 directly connected to the TV.”

This means that if you want to get HDR content, you have to disconnect the PS VR and give up using the HDMI cable it is configured to. This will not cause much trouble, but it is really inconvenient.