Samsung actually plugs eight cores in the watch?!

[PConline News] In addition to the smart phone field, Samsung and Apple are strong competitors in the field of smart watches. Samsung's Orbis has a lower profile than Apple's Apple Watch. So, what are its highlights on hardware? As a result, Xiaobian was scared and urinated...

According to Xiao Bian understand (reliable channels broke the news), Samsung plans to introduce the Exynos 7420 to this smart watch. This is the configuration of the flagship such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, although it is the most advanced 14nm process, but it also has eight cores, Samsung's latest watch Gear S is still used Qualcomm dual-core. The momentary grade is not the same as wood.

However, according to ordinary people's understanding of smart watches, it is really necessary to place eight nuclear cores inside? Will it be overkill?

According to the explanation, Samsung is doing so to improve the watch's endurance. After all, Gear S can last for 1-2 days for normal use. Light use and power-saving mode can support 3-4 days, but it is still too short for a watch. Xiao Bian’s watch only changed electronic once a year.

After putting in the latest eight cores, although the number of cores is more, the power management is more advanced, and it can be used normally for 4-5 days because most of the cores are closed most of the time. Pattern, more than a week. Does it sound more enjoyable?

However, since so many cores are basically useless, it seems to be too wasteful. Pro, it just wants to be a quiet beauty watch, duang...

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